Tuesday, January 5, 2016

This Little Birdie Stayed Home

 Merry Christmas!
 (Today is the 11th day of Christmas, you know.  Tomorrow is 12, 12th Night, Epiphany. Then the decorations can come down)
 And Happy New Year!

 It isn't often that I receive a gift and put it to use right away.
However, this Christmas Mr. Riley gave me this book (which I'd never seen before) and I had to make the Little Round Bluebird.
So I did.  On Christmas Day.  Our Christmas Days have turned into long relaxing days at home the past couple of years.  Presents and Cinnamon rolls in the morning, then all day to play with the new stuff and homemade raviolis for dinner.  Really wonderful. 
So I pulled out some felt and put this little guy together.
 The body is the only part that I used the sewing machine for.  The rest was done by hand.  I would say the only downside to using polyester felt is that it starts to pill and pull almost immediately.  Fleece would make a super soft plushie - I just used what I had. But I am still pretty pleased with this little birdie, and it was a really wonderful Christmas.

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OPQuilt said...

I loved the photo of your family---so fun to see them all lined up next to you. Your little bird is reallycute! I''m impressed you had the presence of mind to sew something after all the work of getting Christmas together. Bravo for you!