Friday, December 4, 2015

Sewvember Part 3: Fini!

My internet speeds are finally up to normal, and I've got a few minutes to sit and blog just a bit.  I thought I'd finish up Sewvember.
 24 Level Up.  I hope to level my FMQ up to these ladies some day.
 25 & 26 Best & Detail:   This is one of my best and favorite quilts.
 27 OH NO!  Lots of seam ripping to get this dress right.  It is done, now.  Needs photographs.
 28 Sewing Space.  I sew right in the middle of everything in the dining room.
 29 Confessions: I tend to leave thread snips all over the place.  Even in the car door.

 30 Up Next.  Top to bottom: Handbag, New dress, vintage house coat, New quilt, a basted quilt to quilt.

1 comment:

OPQuilt said...

I have some of those same habits--but I put my threads on the floor to the side of the passenger seat. Sometimes we find them weeks later when we (finally) clean out the car!