Monday, November 23, 2015

Sewvember Part 2

 For lack of other blogging ideas today.  I'll keep you all updated with my participation in Sewvember, hosted by Bimble and Pimble.

 Day 13: Style  Mine is all over the place.
 Day 14: Help!  I posted this sort of as a joke for help for fabric intervention, but in reality, none of these packages are fabric.  I will probably, however, start a new fabric fast in the new year.
 Day 15: Heirloom.  I have been entrusted with a number of quilts and tops from my Father in Law, made my his grandmother.  These are just a couple favorites.
 Day 16: UFO  My oldest UFO to date.  15 years.  45 hand pieced log cabins.  None are the same size.
 Day 17: Solids or Prints:  I tend toward prints, even if they read as solids.  Even in nature you rarely see a true solid, there is always shadow and shading.
 Day 18: Dream project.  So I posted this on the 18th.  I've had the pattern and fabric for ???  With lots of encouragement, I've gotten it all cut out and ready to start assembling!
 Day 19: Workhorse.  My trusty Husqvarna.  Sews Leather and lace.
 Day 20: Tried and True.  It always comes back to simple square patchwork.  1-patch, 4-patch, 9-patch, 16-patch, even pixelated is just square patchwork.
 Day 21: Best Part.  The best part is giving the quilts away.  This is for a sweet baby due in about 3 weeks.
 Day 22: The vault: I like to pick up vintage patterns at the thrift stores.  I haven't made one yet, but this one is definitely on the list!  Especially after the IG conversation it started.
 Day 23: Essentials.  Pretty fabric, quality thread and good needles.  That's all I need.


Anonymous said...

#22 looks an awful lot like a pattern I made lots of maternity housedresses out of when I was pregnant with my first daughter. It was Summer in Vegas during several months of my pregnancy, so I went for seersucker and sleeveless, with a zipper all the way up. It was a very comfortable outfit and I wore it for a lot of my pregnancy! I enjoyed rambling through your list! 8-)

xo Linda

OPQuilt said...

I think I have a box of vintage patterns (or two) in my garage, all in different sizes. I can't seem to be able to part with them, and more than once I've pulled them out to sew something with. Patterns are the best stash ever. I'm enjoying this list of things for your Sewvember--a lot of them resonate with me! (like the fabric fast. . .)