Thursday, November 12, 2015


Bimble and Pimble  is hosting a Photo a Day Challenge on IG.  Each day has a theme.  I've been playing along, and for those of you not on IG, thought I'd share my so-far pictures here.
 Day 1: Three Facts (I took a selfie! Can you believe it?) 

Three Facts. 1. I am an only child, who turned around and had 5 kids. 2. I don't remember learning how to sew. One of the first things I remember working on with my mom was a flannel robe. I was maybe 5. 3. I spend most of my time sewing quilts, but can do apparel or other things equally well.

 Day 2: Like a Boss: I collect sewing and quilting books and magazines Like a Boss.
 Day 3: Inside: Two rolls of batting ready and waiting for quilt insides.
 Day 4: Inspiration: Really, inspiration is everywhere.
 Day 5: WIP: Some of my current Wips. (one is done...)
 Day 6: Slow or Fast.  In this case I was stitching slowly, hand sewing all the outlines.
 Day 7: Stash.  These are the pre-cuts and bundles that I keep inside.
 Day 8: Why sew?
 Day 9: Game Changer: I have two.  1. Moving the sewing area into the dining room, so I can sew any time, and still be fully available to kids. (also helps me keep neat and organized) 2. Discovering sewing and quilting blogs.  I'm not the only obsessive sewist out there.
 Day 10: View.  No filter here.  This is what I see out my dining room window.
 Day 11: Tools.  These are the things I use pretty much Every Day.

If you want to find my on IG look for @rachel_thelifeofriley
You can join in the challenge, too.

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Unknown said...

Love the seam ripper on a chain! I have about a dozen seam rippers and none of them have any kind of attachment that you can put a chain on but this is a wonderful idea! Love your view out the window! Mary