Thursday, May 21, 2015

Really Random Thursday

How about some randomness?  Let's go!
 Yesterday was my birthday and Mr. Riley gave me a citrus press.  I had told him I didn't want anything (I'm saving up for bees and accessories), but the other night we were watching Martha Stewart, and she used one, and I commented that it was the one kitchen accessory that I didn't have.  Now I do :)
 I finished binding my second Wisteria Mini.  Reveal soon, or whenever I get around to it, really.
I've got a stack of whites and creams ready to be sewn into triangles.

 My FIL brought in my high school artwork folder from the barn.  I don't know how it got there, but its been fun to go through.  I don't really remember doing color studies, but I loved doing the black and white drawing. 
 We were given a picture that was cut into pieces and blank paper with the same shaped pieces.  Draw one section at a time and put it back together. 
 I instagrammed this one, and said 8th grade, but it must have been part of my high school class.  I didn't take art until 12th grade because I was too busy taking all the classes that were "more important".  Perhaps I'll take more art when all the kids are in school.  It was a blast.

 Here is the National Geographic page.
 Don't remember making this one, either.  But I love it.
 Honestly, I kind of wonder at all this art that I made. 
I also wonder what it the world to do with it!

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Live a Colorful Life said...

This was fascinating. Loved seeing all your artwork.