Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cute Little Thread Catchers

 I made up a batch of thread catchers over a couple weeks of hand sewing time.  The main tutorial for these can be found *here*  And there is apparently a Youtube video to be found *here* (I didn't watch it)  They are made from fabric (obviously), a ring from a Pringles can, some chip board (like a cereal box), and a bit of batting.
 They are designed to twist up and hold all your thread clippings inside and so are portable.  A real life sewing friend was making these a few months ago, so the rest of us in the group decided we needed them, too.  (I know the above picture is blurry, but the simple fact that I'm sitting to blog is amazing, I'm not about to go re-do pictures)
 This is the one I'll be keeping for myself. 
 They measure about 3" across and just over 3" high.
 My one recommendation if you decide to make one yourself, is to cover the Pringles can with some tape.  When I slid the first ring on, I could see the Pringles man looking at me through my light colored fabric.


Melissa Graham said...

I sew need one of these!! At the moment I am using one of those plastic flip top gum containers. These are much prettier.

Mindy said...

That's adorable!