Wednesday, May 20, 2015

WIP Wednesday 5.20.15

 This is what my Google homepage looked like this morning.  Mark me as a little freaked out that it personalized my doodle for my birthday!

Since it is, in fact, my birthday, I plan on sewing as much as I can get away with, while still keeping the family alive and safe.
 I sewed all these up last night as teacher gifts.  Charm square fabric boxes.
 Now that my official Wisteria quilt is finished and turned in, I'm binding my second one.
 Here is my tin with sorted squares for my long term leader/ender project.  French General Chateau Rouge.
 An idea that I'm working on.  Right now I refer to it as "modern tree".  Brilliant, I know.
 All the greys I own in one place.  Need to start my guild challenge quilt.
And a look at the official list.  The next quilt with a hard due date is my next Four-in-Art quilt for August 1st.  I do know what I'm going to do.  Maybe I'll work on it soon...  Probably not.  :)

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Leanne said...

Happy Birthday Rachel! I love the quilting on your wisteria quilt.