Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WIP Wednesday 9.17.14

 How are you all this fine Wednesday?  The weather here couldn't be more beautiful.  As a family, we've been taking climbing lessons at our YMCA, and last night, the third night, I found out why its considered exercise.  Boy are my arms sore today!  Its fun, too, and the challenge is totally what keeps you going.  Wanting to get to the next grip, or go faster, or a different route.  I totally see the appeal.  We've got 5 more lessons to go.  I think I'll have to start doing pushups!
 Over the past week I've pieced four tops from the leftovers of the Blessings Quilt.

I picked up a new roll of batting this past Saturday, so hopefully I'll get these quilted up and out of the house sooner than later.
I did a bit of shopping for the igminiswap.  Some purples and grays with a shot of lime.  Now to find pencils or crayons to match and do some coloring and planning.

I've also been making some skirts for E for school.  Four are done, so far.  I'll hopefully get her to model today.  She requested "short and stretchy".  Short is relative, because at school, they have to be below her knee cap!  And so far, none of them have really met her requirement.  She did wear one to school today for pictures.
Completely unrelated to sewing; we had a monarch in the house for about a week.  The boys had found a chrysalis, which we brought in to watch.  6 days later the monarch emerged.  We let it go in a sunny and flower filled location.  It flew directly to a goldenrod plant and ate for the longest time.  I hope it makes the trip south!

Tomorrow we start celebrating birthdays.  There are four birthdays within 10 days on Mr. Riley's side of the family.  Two of them are our kids!  Let the cake making begin!

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Kris said...

Wow Rachel you are one busy lady. Awesome quilts. Good luck on the skirts and cakes!

carolaj3 said...

I am so happy to see purples in the fabric stores. It seems like aqua/red and browns have taken over leaving very little in lilac/purple. It is fun to watch the Monarchs.

Vicki said...

Yay you! These are all beautiful. Cake? Did someone say cake? Have a fun 10 days.