Monday, September 22, 2014

Blue & White Quilt for E

 This quilt has a lot of back story, but not a lot of great pictures.  When I sat down to write this post, I realized why I hadn't done it before.  The pictures aren't the best, and of course right now, the quilt is on the bed, and the baby is sleeping.  So this is what you get.

A long time ago, when I was expecting E (baby #1) I knew my grandmother would make a quilt if I wanted.  Well, I knew that E would end up with lots of quilts, so instead, my grandmother crocheted a lovely white afghan for E.  (which I was always terrified to use, it was white!)
 Then last year, I was going through all the quilts and blankets that each kid had and realized that they all had quilts from Grandma, except for E.  Now, grandma makes a quilt for each birth and graduation.  Well, Grandma just turned 98.  I'm not saying she won't be around for E's graduation, but you never know....

Anyway, I decided to ask if she would be willing to make E a quilt, in her favorite color, blue.  She said "of course".
 (clear shot of quilt, blurry kid)
I sent along some blues, and she added some from her and my aunt's stash, and a lovely twin size quilt was created.

We were out to visit in August to celebrate Grandma's birthday, so E was able to receive the quilt in person.  Such a special day.

 And a shot of the two Wilhelminas, just 97 years apart!


Lori K said...

That is awesome and a treasure forever!

Mindy said...


Vicki said...

What a fantastic gift and treasure! She will cherish that forever. It is absolutely beautiful.

Sarah said...

Great story and something Eleanor will treasure.