Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WIP Wednesday

  Finally getting around to blogging my current WIPs.  Just two, well three really, but pictures of two.
 This pile of flannel is for Jammie pants for the kids.  I had originally bought (and washed ) the fabric last fall in anticipation of Christmas presents, but the early stages of pregnancy last year put it on hold.  This year I didn't even bother to try for before Christmas, but since the we are still smack in the middle of winter, I think I'll get them done.  The two older ones are also asking for bath robes, shopping will be required to fulfill that request.  Fabric shopping, that is. 

I 'finished' my Downton Abbey Quilt Along top.  That is, I'm done with all the instructions.  This is definitely going to need a border to make it functional on my bed.  I was unsure of the colors in the quilt with the blue on the walls.  But I do love the quilt so much, I'll deal.    Unfortunately this picture doesn't show you the whole top.  I don't have a place big enough to photograph the whole thing right now.  It currently measures about 80" x 80".  I plan to take it to the LQS tomorrrow to show the ladies and look at border fabric.  I actually did already buy some, but I'm not entirely sure.  Maybe I should frame the whole thing in black?  Or carry the design into the border some?  I'm totally unsure, so thought and opinions would be appreciated.  Incidentally, there is a facebook group where you can see other finished tops, in each of the color ways.  I did the Dowager Countess.  Ebony Love is the originator of the pattern, and plans to be releasing an actual pattern booklet in the next month or so.


OPQuilt said...

Wow! Such a lovely big quilt with lots of interesting patterns and blocks. It's no wonder that you love it--I do too!

Fun to see those jammie fabrics all stacked up--you'll be busy!


Debbie said...

The quilt is beautiful.

Mindy said...


Vicki said...

OOOO...warm jammie pants! That quilt is outstanding.

Sarah said...

The quilt is gorgeous Rachel! I still love traditional patterns and fabrics as much as modern. Warm Jammie pants are one of my favourite things!