Thursday, January 23, 2014

Really Random Thursday 1.23.14

 This hungry doe came for a snack and a visit yesterday.  She's munching on a left over Halloween Pumpkin.
 Lot's of people ask me how I get things done with 5 children.  This picture helps explain part of 'how'.
 I stopped at the thrift store to find a cheap shirt to glue plastic forks to, (more info coming) and found a brand new Jelly Belly shirt ($.75).  The Jelly Belly Factory tour is one of my kids' favorites.
 Bought some fleece today for new bathrobes.  Have I ever mentioned how I don't really like sewing with fleece. 
 I'm wondering if the child who receives these Jammy Pants is doomed?
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Mindy said...

Haha!! But the little monkeys and turtles are so stinkin' cute! How could they be dangerous? ;-)

Unknown said...

I've sewn fleece once to make some Snuggie blankets. What a drag it was! I made 2 of them and when I shipped to the buyer, I placed a note saying no smoking...even though they were for children!

Kristine said...

The warning just means there's no flame retardant on it. I'm weird, would rather have it that way. We have sensitive skin in our house.

OPQuilt said...

You crack me up.

Kristine is right. But all my kids were dressed in flannel jammies all their young lives, that had no flame retardant in them, and they are all healthy adults, driving their children crazy (or is it the other way around?)