Thursday, January 9, 2014

Random Thursday 1.9.14

First Random Thursday of the Year!

 E in a snowy 'hidey-hole'.  We've since gotten more snow, not that we can go outside to play in it...
 M at Christmas.  Oma knitted the sweater and hat.  M sucks her tongue, which makes for cute pucker lips.
 Not sure there are words for this one, but it is pretty random!
 New Year, New Re-vamped chore chart.  Along with some new computer/media usage rules.
 Bought a new ironing board cover today.  You can see why.  I've seen many beautiful hand made custom covers in blog-land.  I just hate to bother with the time and expense when they look like this in just a year. 
 WP is learning to read quite quickly.  For some reason he things you have to put lines between the words. I think this is from his books at school.  Anyway, I will translate: "You have to ask to go in (E in) Mina's tent."  Not bad for 5 months of Kindergarten.  The teacher at our school has them reading quite fluently by the end of Kindergarten, I am always amazed.

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Sarah said...

I love phonetic spelling! My youngest begins school next week, so I'm looking forward to him learning to read and writing stories like this. It's so cute.