Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Block Update

 First up today.  Downton Abbey Blocks:
 King's Crown Pre-War.  There are 8 of these.  Each finishes 9" square.
 King's Crown Post-War.  Four of these lovelies.

 This one is called Mary's Block.  They finish at 18" square.
 I made two of these.  Sorry about the darker pictures.  Grey and cloudy seems to be the regular weather around here, lately.
And finally, last week's Temperature quilt blocks.  Jan 6-12.  -6, 1, 9, 25, 41, 39, 41 F.  I added those strips in the first two blocks to represent our record or near record lows of -14 F.  This was during that lovely 'Polar Vortex' weather event.  Our wind chills were down to the -40s F.

And, I've finally started a flickr group.  So if there is any one out there who is playing along with me, feel free to join in and start posting pictures.

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Vicki said...

Beautiful blocks! Love your fabric choices.