Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WIP Wednesday 1.8.14

Its the first WIP Wednesday of the year!

My kids finally went back to school today.  This was the longest Christmas Break ever.  They were off a day early because of an ice storm, and then school was cancelled Mon & Tues for extreme cold.  I thought we would go stir crazy, but it was actually kind of nice.  For the first time all break there was no where to go, no one to entertain, and just us to hang out.  A true 'vacation'.

On to the WIPs

 I am plugging away on my Downton Abbey blocks.  These are both 'King's Crown' blocks.  Above is 'pre-war' below is 'post-war'

I am planning to finish sewing these up today.  And then I will go ahead and cut the fabric for the rest of the (19!) blocks.  I am afraid of running out of fabric or messing up, so I figure if I cut everything, I can see if I should run out and buy more. (This will obviously take some organization to keep the block pieces straight)  I am also considering a border.   I am doing these blocks as part of a mystery quilt along with Ebony Love at Love Bug studios.  The reveal download was put out on Sunday, and there is no given border on the quilt, and I would really like it to fit on my bed, thus a border is needed.  I have been diligently printing the instructions, as she is pulling all the construction info off the web on the 12th!

Amazingly this is the only thing I'm working on.  I have started the year off right; I've only got one un-quilted top!  There are a couple half started projects laying around, but not many.  Actually, I can only think of one.  And I've got a finish to share, as soon as I get it photographed.  So many potential quilts laying around, though.  I certainly have enough plans and fabric to keep me busy all year.

I know many people start the year with resolutions, and I've seen many bloggers choose a 'Word of the Year'.  I think mine this year will be FOCUS.  I am going to try to focus on less projects at a time, with a goal towards getting them done more timely.  I have a list in my head of quilts that I would like to make this year, and they are mostly for my family.  I'll save that for another post I think.

And I'll mention again that I am on Instagram, where you can find more 'real time' updates on my projects and also occasional pictures of kids and family life.  I am on IG as rsriley77

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