Saturday, July 6, 2013

Finish A Long Quarter 2 - Finishes!

I just checked back on my original post for the Finish A Long.  You can find it here.  It looks like I got about half done what I wanted to finish (along with some items that weren't on the list).

 Best Finish: Peter Rabbit Baby Quilt for New Baby.  I literally just took this out of the dryer for a bad, late night, flash picture.  I will do a proper finish post in a day or two.

Most Time Consuming Finish: Pink Fairy Quilt.
It's actually been done long enough, I didn't realize it was on 'the list'.
 Also Finished:  Crayon Challenge Quilt for my guild.  Even turned this one in a month early!
 And the last finish: Violin Teacher's Baby Quilt.
 The finish list seems kind of lame, considering.  But I also finished other quilts that weren't on 'the list'.
Ruby Baby Quilt
Four In Art Fire Quilt
Asian Quilt

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Leanne said...

Rachel, you are clearly tired, four quilts is not lame, it is fantastic, especially while cooking a new baby! My favourite is the one for the teacher, I am so partial to friendship stars, but they are all lovely.

OPQuilt said...

Great job on all the finishes, Rachel.

I wish we could update our "FAL" list, as I'm always sneaking in one or another in between, too.

I think most of us are cooking on about 50% power on this quarter's FAL, but we don't have your excuse of being almost 9 months pregnant! You are impressive!


Anonymous said...

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