Wednesday, July 3, 2013

WIP Wednesday 7.3.13

I feel as though I haven't done a proper Work In Progress Post for a while, so here's what I've been working on lately.

 Newbaby's quilt is almost quilted.  Hopefully, by the time you actually read this, I will at the very least have the binding prepped.
 My owl continues to come together.  His head still looks weird to me, but that is why he is a WIP!
 My daughter has begun her own WIP.  She has plans to make a Flip-Flop quilt, hopefully in time to enter it in our guild show.  My goal is to guide her, without being pushy or making her hate the process.  It was great fun to watch her attack my stash this morning and go through the fabrics.  She was in love with so many of them!

Not truly a lot of sewing around here.  I've finally started prepping things for the baby.  Washing the small stuff, buying diapers, and starting to rearrange to make some room.  And then, there is all the random deep cleaning that feels so necessary to do, that doesn't probably truly matter.  For those who are wondering, or care, the due date is July 23.  I have not ever been early, so I'm figuring I still have a full three weeks to finish any projects.  I will not be pin basting any more quilts on the floor, however.  The last two nearly killed me :).

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Leanne said...

Your owl is looking great. I was thinking about that project last night!

Mindy said...

Hope you can accomplish your 'list' in those three weeks. =)

Anonymous said...

I do not think the owl looks weird at all. He is very distinguished!