Monday, March 9, 2020

Temperature Quilt Update

I caught up my temperature quilt to March 2 last week.  I'm on the third row!  There is a certain satisfaction in growing a quilt this way!
Got up to a new highest temperature on March 1.  Over 54.  March definitely came in a like a quiet, warm lamb.  Not as many colder temperatures, either.  Although when I check the forecast I'm always secretly hoping for variations from day to day to make the quilt more interesting. :)
The process of making these Quilt As You Go Hexagons can get a bit tedious with all the folding and ironing (read about the process here) 

I was so excited to remember that a few years ago I had bought a Martelli Round About Set.  It has an ironing top and a cutting mat on a turn table. 

Now I can iron and spin.  Every time saving thing helps!

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