Friday, March 6, 2020

Labeling All the Quilts

If you follow me on Instagram (rachel-thelifeofriley), you may have noticed that last week I was cleaning out the linen closets.  I am fortunate to have 2 of them in the house and they are were most of the quilts that I own live. 
Step one is make piles in the hallway. With feline help. 
Since I was cleaning them out, I went through all my quilts in storage.   I got all the children's baby quilts put together and put away and went through all the rest.  Some are getting donated, a few will probably get listed on Etsy.  Most I kept 

I personally have been pretty good about labeling my quilts.  However, I do have a few quilts from my mom that were never labeled.  I think that, like me, she must have given away most of the quilts that she made.  And, unfortunately, I don't know what happened to my college quilt, which had a larger than life Marvin the Martian appliqued on one side.

Anyway, I decided that the quilts all needed to be labeled.  Here are a few of hers:
Christmas Tree Skirt
 Wall hanging
 Some Christmas wall hangings.

 Labeled and ready to go back in the closet.
 I also finally got a label on this, my first finished quilt ever.  I faithfully pull it out each December!

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