Thursday, March 5, 2020

Really Random Thursday 3.5.20

Finally getting a chance to sit down a blog a bit before I'm off again.  

I've had one kid home sick most of the week.  Fortunately they were all off Monday, he stayed home Tues and Wed, and only managed a half day today.  Current nickname: Captain Croup.

 I made two X+ blocks for one my Erie Street Quilter friends.  She's planning to make charity quilts with her blocks.

 I made a block of Elizabeth's own design for the Gridster Bee February. 
 She also asked for a coordinating envelope for the signature block.
 I included an extra center, because I did not initially follow the directions correctly. 

 For March, Marsha asked for a Drunkard's Path Variation. 

I've also been adding various things to my Etsy Shop.  If anyone is in the market for a vintage Fish Finder, this lovely will be listed soon. :)
To say my offerings are eclectic would be an understatement!

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