Monday, February 17, 2020

Sewing Swimmies for Mini

 I did some swim suit sewing for Mini.  I've done swimsuits in the past.  It's doable, even without a serger. The above pile is the fabrics I started out with.  I bought the purple, don't know where the stripes or blue came from.
 Coincidentally those colors match the pattern.    Lots of pieces for a simple two piece, but its because of the color blocking.
 Mini chose the blue first.
 It turned out OK.
 I even emptied my first spool of thread for the year.  The seams were all double sewn, so that is a lot of thread!
 I also found an error in the pattern.  The notches do not line up.  It was much easier to sew after I figured that out.

There was just enough blue to add to the purple for a second suit.
Mix and Match!

At this point I realized that she also still had two almost brand new suits in her box, so I was done sewing!

Both Mini and her older sister rejected this fabric, so I've put it up in my Etsy shop. 

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