Saturday, February 15, 2020

Sewing for Mini

 I'd been wanting to do some sewing for Mini.  I've managed to acquire a few pieces of apparel fabric (mostly I think from my step mom) and wanted to put them to good use (or pitch).  So I pulled a few potential patterns from the stash and set to work. 
First up was a couple of tops from some polka dot jersey a friend gave to me.  She got them in a bag of fabric she picked up from Goodwill.  It was yardage, but had care tags!

 I got two tops made.

Here she is actually wearing one of the tops, which later I noticed was on backwards!

There was some leftover fabric, so I squeaked out a pair of shorts and matching scrunchies.

I also made some jammies. 
This one was made from two different pieces. Neither was quite big enough to be on its own.

I also made a couple of summer jammies from undershirts matched with a sewn skirt.

The sweet eyelet fabric had the following note tucked in it.

 Grandma Wilma is my 103! y/o grandmother.  Not sure how long ago she gave me the fabric.

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