Monday, February 17, 2020

2020 Temperature Quilt: I finally have a plan

It took me a while to get going on this years temperature quilt.
First I had to commit.
Then I had to pull fabrics and assign degree ranges.
Then I had to really decide on a design.
I had originally thought of quilt as you go hexagons using the low was the backing fabric and turning it to the front. I actually still really like that idea, but it takes So Much Fabric. As in, I would have had to go shopping and I really don't want to buy more fabric. This year is all about using it up and finishing.

I'm still going with the quilt as you go hexies, but have decided that each season will have the same background. 
Why seasons? Well, I started my hexies by using three yards of Kona snow that I had as the background. Guess how far three yards gets you?  About three months!!

I've already gone ahead and bought background fabric for spring.

Kona pear shown here next to Kona snow.

I'm doing half hexies. Top is the high, bottom half the low.

I've got all the hexies cut for winter backs and about 100 batting hexagons.
I started assembly the other day with out doing the maths.
Sewing the January blocks in a row ended up 140" long. That's a bit much.
I've got it at just 24 hexies long and will grow the width as the year progresses.

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jeifner said...

This’ll be a fun way to make (and us to see) your design develop !