Friday, February 28, 2020

Family Friday: Spirit Week

It's been Spirit Week at school.  I had to share the pictures, because they're cute, and a couple took a bit of sewing. 
Mini won on day one "Camo Day".  That dress?  I found at a thrift store.  Paid $2.50.  It was an XS women's dress by Ralph Lauren!! I took off the two bottom layers of skirt and it fit Mini perfectly!  I do think that Camo Day is probably a Wisconsin thing....

 Tacky Tourist Tuesday. 
 The fanny packs were courtesy of my MIL!

 Disney Day.  Mini is Tinkerbell.  You can't see the wings, but I made them at least 10 years ago for E.  And I had to figure out the puffballs on her shoes.  Probably Mini's favorite part.
 Thank goodness Disney owns Star Wars, so we've got Obi Wan Kenobi (I was going to put a link about the cloak, but turns out I never blogged them.  Guess I'll have to work on that)
 and A Storm Trooper.
 And Throwback Thursday.  I put together a couple hippie outfits for the boys.

 And made a poodle skirt for Mini.  Every girl needs one.  It was an easy and fast project.  Probably less than an hour.  I did reference this tutorial, however I only used it for the measurements.  As an experienced sewist, the instructions weren't great... 

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