Saturday, January 18, 2020

Lists of Lists!


1. Do you make them?
2. Do you use them?
3. Do you love crossing things off as you go?
4. Have you ever done an extra chore and written it down just so you could cross if off?

Me, too!

I was reflecting on why I have such a love for lists, and it really comes down to organization.  It helps me focus.  It keeps me from being overwhelmed and it helps me make a plan.

If I just have an ambiguous bunch of "have tos" in my head I have a hard time starting and prioritizing what needs to be done.

As I was writing this post, I found a great article from the New Yorker.

It reinforced all the things I love about lists.

Why we  make shopping lists:

"For instance, it’s hard to memorize through brute force the groceries we need to buy. It’s easier to remember everything if we write it down in bulleted, or numbered, points. Then, even if we forget the paper at home, it is easier for us to recall what was on it because we can think back to the location of the words themselves."

The article itself is more about why we look for lists in media but I thought this part was important as well.

"But the list’s deepest appeal, and the source of its staying power, goes beyond the fact that it feels good. In 2011, the psychologists Claude Messner and Michaela W√§nke investigated what, if anything, could alleviate the so-called “paradox of choice”—the phenomenon that the more information and options we have, the worse we feel. They concluded that we feel better when the amount of conscious work we have to do in order to process something is reduced; the faster we decide on something, whether it’s what we’re going to eat or what we’re going to read, the happier we become."

There you have it.  Why lists are great.  Interestingly, I don't use the fancy planners that are out there.  When I think about those, I feel anxiety, like my lists have to be perfect, like I have to decorate with stickers and other things.  It becomes another "have to".

On that note, my updated project list:

Quilts to be bound
Small Hexie Mini Quilt (moved up)

Tops that need to be quilted:
French General Irish Chain
On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt

Bee Panel Wall Hanging
Charm Parade
Baby Blue and Red Charity Quilt
Large Flower Blocks Charity Quilt
Spider Web
Blue Fairy Quilt
Star Quilt
Girl Bonnie and Camille Baby Quilt
Flower Fairy Panel
4 quilts from a friend's mom
Pixie House Quilt (I forgot this one on the last list)
Gridsterbee Christmas Blocks (moved up from the TTBF)

Tops to be finished (more done than not)

Handmaids Christmas Quilt
10 year Hexie quilt. (I've decided to put on borders)
Another Nut House (needs more embroidery)
EPP Orbit (applique to background?)
EPP Honeycombs (applique to background?)

Blocks to be turned into tops
Eclipse (pattern by modernquiltstudio)
Sampler blocks from Gridsterbee
Blue and White Log Cabin
Ugly Quilt x 6
EPP Star Flowers (thrifted)
Stack and Whack (thrifted)
Bug Jar (thrifted)

Quilts to Start
Si Bday quilt
Possible Two Baby Quilts
Checkers Quilt Kit

Other Sewing to be done
Shorts for Mini
Pjs for Mini
Swimsuit for Mini
Possible Swimsuit for Me
Curtains for Laundry Room
Hand Bell Table Covers


Regina said...

I LOVE lists too! I look lists, and notes. I love to jot down notes to be grouped and read later. I love note pads with lines and numbers!

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