Monday, January 20, 2020

Erie Street Quilters

Late last fall I was graciously invited to join a local group of quilters.  They call themselves the Erie Street Quilters because of their meeting location.  It started out as a group of quilters who wanted to start doing some more modern quilting.  (my area of the often seems very UNmodern)

My day schedule is more free with the kids in school and I was happy to accept the invitation. 

The group has been doing a Queen Bee thing for the past few months, so I've been playing catch-up on the blocks. 

 First up were some feather blocks.  They look weird because we didn't need to trim them square.
 Then some free form roses - again, we were asked not to trim.
 Then words!  We were supposed to choose something fun, or something we say, or something that represents us, or inspires us.  I do catch myself saying "splendid" often.  I think usually in sarcasm.   I paper pieced my letters this time.  To tell the truth, after a year of the "Spelling Bee", I've had my fill of words for a while. 
 My word with some of the others.

 For our January "blocks" we were asked to make Alzheimers Activity Aprons.  You can Google it for free patterns and ideas.  I was happy to use some things I've had for years, like the tassel!
 I also did some paper pieced leaves.  I was given the fabric for the stems, the rest was "sunrise to sunset" colors with a sky blue background.
And, most recently we were asked to make some string pumpkins with gray back grounds. They did come out different sizes.  I have fixed that.  

My month will be March, I can't wait!

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Marge Martin said...

It is fun to get together to sew once a month. Glad you could join in. Fun to see all your queen bee projects on the blog.