Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Random Things on a Wednesday in January

 A fun bunch of randomness to share today. 
What do you think is in there?

 This is on one of our camp chairs. 
 This is just because I needed a bright spot on a gray January day.
 Mini is definitely a creative, she is always drawing, making things and writing stories, and she never gets caught up in the "its not perfect" problem that I have.

Even art with magnets.

 These two were sharing the sunlight on a cold winter's day

 I had to document this huge apple.  This is actually from Thanksgiving pies.  The apple came from "up north" in the UP, picked wild. 
 It took up half my peeler.
 And then look at this tiny guy.
 I've got a new leader/ender project under my table at the machine.  These are old charm squares from Connecting threads.  Just gonna use them up for charity quilts.
This was my 2019 in used spools.  I did do some sewing where I was trying to use up thread, it was nice to make some space in the thread boxes.
And I have a plan for the 2020 temperature quilt.  I will share more when I get some actual blocks made.   Which in reality may not be until February.

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