Thursday, December 5, 2019

scrap management 2

More on my scrap management.  Above you can see my stacks of squares.  I cut them in whole and half sizes, 1.5" up to about 12" depending on my mood of the day.  I don't do 5.5" I cut them down to 5" since that fits most patterns.  The 1.5" I use as my leader enders.
Anything that was longer than wide pretty much went into the strips pile.  Much more on that in later posts.
As I was going through things I remembered I had started collecting squares in the past.
You can see by the dust, that was a long time ago. 
When I dumped it out I found all bunch of sizes of squares.
And apparently I was insane, because I had a collection of 1" squares.  I've kept them, but I don't know what I'll do with them.
This series of photos explains how I cut up my scraps into squares.
I find the largest square I can cut out of a shape and go from there.

I just started sewing some small pieces together.  These were some little Kaffe Fassett pieces I had.
This pile of old and pretty soft flowers made me happy. 
Also in the box were these pieces.

You may be wondering why I have so much vintage fabric. 
1. I inherited my mother's stash and that was 20 years ago.
2. People have started giving me fabric.
3. The call of the thrift stores.

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