Friday, December 6, 2019

More Painting Projects

 Once it got too cold to do any more painting outside (the garage, doors and trim)  I turned my attention to inside the house.
Our kitchen has been yellow for 11 years.  I was ready for a change.  The top picture is a little darker than reality.  The bottom picture more accurate.   However, I did notice that it had darkened over the years, because under the outlet covers it was a lighter yellow.

 As you can see I went for a classic white.  It definitely needed two coats!  Fortuantely the ceiling only needed one.

 I stopped at the fridge because I was a little nervous to pull it out.  (the men were gone for the weekend hunting)
 The next week it was onto the the back hallway.  Had to take down all the hook names.  I haven't put any back up, and honestly don't know if I will.  They are so well trained, that their stuff stays on the right hooks, anyway.
 I also got brave and pulled out the fridge.  Boy did that floor need a scrubbing! (no one needs pictures of that!)  Found lots of kid magnets as well.
 The next project was ceilings.  When I had painted the laundry room a very pale blue, the wet paint looked white and I didn't see the mistakes until after they dried.  (this was a few years ago)  They've bothered me since, so I finally got around to painting the ceiling.

 It really needed it!  I've also had the fabric to make the curtains for a few years too......

The other ceiling that needed painting was the "big bathroom".  When E and I painted she told me she could trim.  Well, I'd leave that up to debate. 

So my major painting projects are done for now.  The next overhaul will be the "little bathroom".  But it most certainly is not a project for December!

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