Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Scrap Management, The Never Ending Story

This was my mega bin of scraps.  It is literally the first box I bought to hold fabric.   I've greatly outgrown it....
I had originally brought it into the house because I had some scrappy sewing to do for a couple of people.

And once it was in the house, I decided to see if I could get through it all and clean it up. 
Going through these fabrics brings back quilts and memories.  The animal ones were for a friend's baby quilt.  Said baby is 14.
This pink is one of those prints that don't seem to die.
The stars are from one of the very first quilts I ever made.
This pile were from WD's baby quilt. (another 14 y/o)
Roses from a quilt for my MIL
It truly felt like I'd never get to the bottom.  Someone on IG pointed out that the fabric probably "fluffs up" when the weight is taken off.  I think it multiplies when I'm not looking.
My table while I was sorting/trimming.
Anything that was strippy got piled on the ironing board.

I did actually get to the bottom, after a few days.  A few episodes of Star Trek (the original series) and one Bruce Lee movie.
This stack was all going back into the fabric boxes.  I decided they were too big to bother cutting up.
Alf liked the strips
When all was said and done, I only kept the following piles as "scraps"

I also do keep selvedges.  Not that I use them much...
And piles of squares.

Next blog post I'll talk about what I did with all the scraps and how I "manage" them.

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