Monday, November 11, 2019

Light House Legacies Quilt Show 2019, Part One

 So, the quilt show. 
I am usually of the mindset that if I'm going to enter a show, I'm going to enter all the eligible quilts in the house.  I will actually walk around to see what I've made in the last year or two to see what qualifies. 
Other quilts are finished and/or made specifically for the show (like a challenge quilt)
I entered six this year.
In their pillowcases and ready to go!
This year, since my kiddos are in school, I was able to be a part of the set up and hang the quilts team.  That was a great chance to be up close and personal with a bunch of the quilts.

First I'll show my quilts hanging in the show, and then I'll share some that caught my eye. 
Tomorrow I'll share more that caught my eye. 
First up, WP's Rocket Quilt.  It got a 3rd place.   Let me point out that I'm fairly sure there were only 4 bed applique quilts in the category, so it wasn't stiff competition.
My Downton Abbey Quilt.  (oh my goodness!! As I was linking other blog posts, I realized this quilt never got a final finish post!  Guess I'll have to get on that!)
Also, I didn't crop the pictures so you can enjoy a variety of the other quilts.
Look! The Spelling Bee Quilt, we even got an honorable mention in the "Quilt with Friends" category!
The Keeping of Bees.  Wall hangings is probably one of the largest categories in the show. I was happy to see it up.
 I either forgot to photograph this one, or didn't move it from my phone, but the Violin quilt hung in the show, as well.  An honorable mention.
 And finally, Sunrise/Sunset hanging out with all its fellow challenge quilts.
(if you can't read the post-it, some one asked "how big were the fabric pieces?")
 Another honorable mention

Next up, some quilts that caught my eye, first the quilt, then the info.
I noticed lots of Carpenter's Stars, and then other stars this year.

 Finally a "younger quilter" like me!  You can fin her on IG @three_goobers

 Two Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilts

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