Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Light House Legacies Quilt Show 2019, Part Two

A few more quilts that caught my eye!
This quilter actually made two of these!

 This won for best Domestic Machine Quilting - A giant spiral!  (and a friend of mine)

 A group of quilts based on one picture.  The black and white one is so striking!
 I snapped this one, because a great way to showcase pretty fabrics!

 Love this little miniature.  Serious goals.
 This was first place applique, and also won viewers choice.  Just astounding work.  She finishes about one a year.

ta ta for now

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Regina said...

Great pics thanks for sharing!!!

A side note, I have found that lately I can't seem to posts comments when I view your blog from my phone. I have commented on each of your posts since your schoolhouse presentation. It's weird.