Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Quilt Basting Day

 A couple of weeks ago, on a day that was too wet to paint the house, I schlepped a bunch of supplies to my church and spent the day basting quilts.

I actually got five basted, although I apparently didn't photograph one of them.

 First up is my Spelling Bee Quilt.  I am actively finishing this one now. Getting it ready for our upcoming show.
 This one will go to charity.
 This top was actually gifted to me, and I will finish it for charity.  (I just have to keep it away from Mini's eyes!)
 I finished this stop forever ago.  It is a pattern by Cindy at Live a Colorful Life.

A picture of my stack of quilts at the end of the day.  I had brought one more top, but the backing turned out to not be quite big enough, and really it turned out I wouldn't have had enough time anyway.  I did a combination of spray basting with safety pins around the edges.  I just don't 100% trust spray basting.
It was a good productive day!  Now to get them all quilted.
And baste the rest of my tops!  15 at last count.

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