Monday, October 7, 2019

Mini's Own Quilt - Butterflies and Rainbows

 Back in the spring when I took the girls to Iowa, in the same store that I bought the cute farm animals, Mina also talked me into some beautiful rainbow butterflies.  I agreed to buy the fabric, if she would help make the quilt.  I thought it would be a good summer project.

I don't have any pictures, because I was helping, but Mini did the pedal work and I did the steering for piecing this quilt.
I also did the quilting.  Once it was basted, the quilting went very fast.
 Just one night of football and some rainbow thread.

 The back is a flannel from Joann that matched perfectly.  I pre-wash my flannels in high heat and dry them.  They shrink a lot! I quilted in big meander for a softer quilt.
It measures about 60" x 68"

 The quilt is Rory approved!

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