Friday, November 1, 2019

Family Friday 11.1.19

 I was reminded recently that I haven't blogged in a while.   I pointed out that I can either sew, or blog - and since there was a quilt show and then Halloween, there was sewing, not blogging.  But its all done, so now I can blog!

Yesterday was Halloween. 
We got 6 inches of snow for the occasion.  Ridiculous.

I only had to make two costumes this year.  And they were the same.

 Jawas from Star Wars! Can you say oootini?

 We also had Harry Potter in the bunch,
Mr. Riley is wearing a Ravenclaw scarf (he was the warmest of us all)
 E & W came along for the fun, they didn't actually ask for candy this year.  That's more than fine.  We get PLENTY!!

 For dinner I served "Snakes, Eyeballs, and mouldy bread".  Also known as linguine with Pesto, cream cheese filled olives, and Italian bread, dyed.  They ate it well.

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