Friday, October 4, 2019

Family Friday 10.4.19

 At the beginning of August our family of 7 headed to Indianapolis for a long weekend. It was essentially a "girl's weekend" and a "boys weekend" because all the male members of the family were attending Gencon.  Briefly, it,s every table top game ever, all in one place.

That is why the pictures are of the girls...
One of the days we spent in Indianapolis itself, exploring.  We climbed that tall memorial.  The picture below was taken from the top.  The girls ran up.  I got there, eventually.

In the mall the girls talked me into letting them do bumper cars.  It was pretty funny, actually.

We actually stayed in an Airbnb near Bloomington.  Lovely parks symbol, huh?
Took the girls to a pool with an awesome drop slide.  Even I went in for a bit because it was sooo hot.
Bloomington is home to Indiana University, so there was a whole area of town with every kind of small ethnic restaurant you could want. We took the kids out for Mexican one night. 
D and I went out for Turkish the next night (it was our anniversary)

One of the highlights for the kids was the dog, Venn, at the Airbnb.  She would fetch all day long. Never seeming to tire of it. (our dog is dumb and doesn't fetch)

 We love travel with Airbnb.  With 5 kids we are practically priced out of hotels, and this way we can cook a couple meals, which helps save $$.  This particular Airbnb was a working ranch, with cattle, sheep and horses, so that was pretty neat.
 And! Antique Quilts!  they were all from the owner's famiy.

 It was definitely a fun weekend!

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