Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Mini Star Storm Workshop with Victoria Findlay Wolfe

I had the privilege of taking the Mini Star Storm workshop with Victoria Findlay Wolfe.  Would you believe I didn't take any pictures of her!  I don't really feel comfortable asking for selfies, and didn't think to take any while she taught. 

Anyway.  I was ready. 
As in, its been on my calendar since our Program Chair announced she was coming.
It was even son's 14th birthday.

I had all my fabric prepped by the Friday before the Tuesday of the workshop!

For this pattern I just went ahead and followed the color list in the pattern.  I figured since I was doing something new, I would make it easy on myself and not try to figure out colors.  I did take a page from VFW's "play" books and took whatever fabric I had on hand that was the right color.  Modern, solid, batik, print, old, new, whatever.

And I think it worked!
At the beginning of the class, she was trying to keep us all together so no one jumped ahead and made any mistakes, which was hard for me, because I'm thinking "I've got ONE day off, let's get this baby done!"
But after lunch we had all the info we needed and I got almost half the top pieced.
So that evening, after birthday celebrations, I finished the first half, and cut the strips for the other half.
Next day, second half was completed, and then I had a finished top!

It really goes quickly once you have a grasp of how to use the template.  I think my points line up pretty well, too!  It's an interesting pattern in that you don't make X number of blocks and put them together, each wedge is different....

This top is about 40 x 40.  I went ahead and purchased the original Star Storm Quilt pattern for an 80 x 80 finish.
And I also purchased this sweet pattern.  She had her version there to share and I just fell in love.
 And of course a little fabric therapy ;)

 Following are photos of other works from classmates in the workshop.  Just to share an idea of the many different ways this pattern can be made.

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Regina said...

WOW! I'm impressed that you have your top together to quickly! I still don't have my Dresden Neighborhood done. Stevie said the construction technique was completely unexpected and she is glad she took the class. I was trying to pick out hers and Ruth's quilts from your pics. Nice job!

Let me know how you like the Spinning Tops pattern once you work on it. That was the only thing that caught my eye and I kind of regret I didn't buy it.