Thursday, January 10, 2019

Sewing For Mini - Easy Gathered Skirts

 Is there anything easier and faster than a quick gathered skirt for a little girl?

I've had this piece of  brocade remnant for years.  Possibly even from when I work at Joann (16 years ago).  I never quite decided what to do with it, and when Mini saw it and fell in love, I whipped up a skirt for her.  One seam.  Hemmed and a gathered waist.  Perfect.

 Then during the countdown to Christmas at school, one of the dress up days was "Candy Cane Day", so I did what any over acheiving mother does - I bought candy cane fabric and made up a skirt for Mini to wear that day.  I also made up a matching scrunchie.
 She wore the skirt Christmas day as well.

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OPQuilt said...

I love all your sewing for your family--this brocade is really cute, but the candy cane skirt is the best!