Wednesday, November 7, 2018

On Ringo Lake - a Flimsy Finish

 Since Bonnie Hunter is getting ready to start up her yearly mystery quilt - I thought I'd better share my top from last year's to prove I did get it done.
 I actually finished up the top early in the summer.   I designed the border to use up extra blocks that I had laying around and because I wanted the top to comfortably fit our queen size bed.  I like how it gave it a tiled look.
 I finally got around to photographing it about a month ago and now I'm finally blogging it.
 I know it will be a while before it's quilted, although I do actually have a quilting plan in place!
And as you can see - photographing a flimsy with even the slightest breeze can be a real challenge!

This year I have no plans to participate in the mystery quilt.  I will save the instructions, "just in case", but I am planning to actually do some Christmas sewing, which I usually avoid at all costs, so I know I won't have the time.  And I really should finish some other things that are laying around....

Anyway, this was a great experience and if any of you are wondering whether you should do one of Bonnie's mystery quilts - its a great learning opportunity!


Needled Mom said...

It turned out beautifully. I really like your outer border.

Kristin said...

I love your top-- especially the borders. It is an accomplishment to piece it, because there are approximately 10 trillion pieces in it! =O My version is still in the binding stage. I have had multiple other quilts take precedence for my hand stitching time. I'm still unsure if I will participate in this year's mystery, too. I have a few baby quilts and a wedding quilt that I need to work on...