Monday, October 22, 2018

A Workshop with Mary Fons - Spider Web Quilt

At the end of August I had the chance to take a workshop with Mary Fons.  It was a great day, she is an excellent speaker, and writer, and blogger, etc....

I usually try to take at least one class/workshop a year.  Its usually about all I can manage :)

 We talked a lot about contrast.  That spider web quilt behind Mary is what the workshop was about.
 My fabric pull.
 My goal was to get at least one complete web done by the end of class!

 Goofy selfies.  I am the worst at selfies.  Just ask my teen daughter!

I came home and started cranking out more blocks.  Or units, or whatever you want to call them.

 Someone in the class explained to me about using a card for folding the lines for paper piecing.
 And I bought an add a 1/4" ruler.
 Life changing.

 My original plan had been to make blocks until I ran out of that turquoise at the top.  However, I had a loooot of purple - so I headed to the stash to find some more turquoise.  You can see that I have 4 different ones now.  I'll have to get out the design curtain out and see how I want to approach assembly.
 I do have all the papers out - so whenever I get back to a piecing mode (I'm in quilting mode right now) I'll be ready.

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Needled Mom said...

Those colors are just fabulous.