Thursday, October 11, 2018

Somewhat Random Thursday - Late Summer and Early Autumn

I really love the Autumnal season.  As long as it behaves itself!  We've actaully had a rather warm and rainy one, but here are a few photographic highlights.

 One of the most amazing things we've seen is three male deer in our yard.  Generally male deer do not hang out together.  With three young bucks together, I'm thinking the mythical 30 pointer must be out there somewhere.....

I've been doing a little bit of preserving.  I made four fruit jam.

And Wild Grape Jelly!!
Cook and smash
Giant seeds from the grapes.
And lots of jelly.  It's surpisingly good.

 Beautiful colors seen out during one of my walks.

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OPQuilt said...

This post makes me long to come visit you some sunny October day, perhaps to help with the jelly-ing. Such scenes of domesticity confirm your many talents. Thanks for all these wonderful photos, especially of the deer!