Friday, October 12, 2018

A Christmas Quilt Finish

Woo Hoo!
A Christmas Quilt finished before Christmas.

OK, so it took a whole year, but hey, you can't win them all. 

Looks like that was the last time I mentioned the top in my blog.  Well, as you can see, I did add some more borders, I wanted it to be big enough for Mini's bed.  My goal is someday to have a Christmas quilt for each bed.  At the rate I'm going, the kids will start moving out first...

The finished product!  The pattern is called "Take 5".  You are supposed to start out with 5 pieces of 5/8 yard coordinating fabrics. 
 The whole quilt is flannel, front and back.  I quilted in a large loop.  Partly because it was easy, partly to warm up for the Log Cabin quilt that I quilted, and mostly because I used a polyester batting.  A fluffier one, so fancy quilting is unnecessary.  Why fluffy polyester?  Someone gave me a bunch of batting.  Use what you've got!  And it does make for a very warm and cozy quilt.
 I pieced a bunch of scraps into the back.

 Including chunks of the selvedges.  Now I'll always know the fabric line.  :)
I even remembered to get the label on.  Just need to get that filled out.......

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OPQuilt said...

Well, you are ahead of me. I got the Christmas quilt top finished in December of 2017, hung it on a hanger because once I tried to start piecing the back together, I was overwhelmed. I'll use your finish as a motivator! Congratulations on another finish--it looks great!