Monday, July 16, 2018

Random Tuesday Catch-Up

I read once, that a blogger shouldn't apologize for not blogging.
So I won't apologize for missing an entire 2 months.

Here's a quick rundown of what's been happening, with more and better detailed blog posts to come.
 End of the season ballet performance.  You can always tell my kids: they are the tallest.
 End of the season cello recital.  Love the building where the lessons are.
 Vacation for 11 days.  AR, TX, MO
 Husband in hospital for 6 days.  Home, better, but still in recovery mode.
 Middle child turned 10.
 VBS at church with all children (and me) participating in various ways.
 The Fourth of July!
 Eldest daughter went to Bolivia.  (coming home in 2 more days)
 Painted the living room.
Youngest child turned 5. That is a rainbow lady bug cake.

Now we are all caught up and my pictures have been gone through. 
On to more posting.


Regina said...

Ok, now that you are caught up I have questions. I picked E out of the group and yes, the height guided me. Is that the DeKoven Center for cello? They do have lovely buildings! Middle child's shirt = I ate some pie? If so it took me 1.5 minutes to figure it out, I'm slippin'! Bolivia, mission trip? You have had a full summer and we are only half through!

OPQuilt said...

This is like your summer on Speed Dial. Or Fast Forward. The transition from 11 days of vacation to 6 days in the hospital must have felt like you were slammed into a brick wall. Glad you are surviving, and back to your life. And glad that your husband is feeling better, too. What are you going to do for fun this last month of summer?