Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Gridster Bee 2017 Blocks - A Finished Top

Way, way, way back in 2017 May was my month for the Gridster Bee.

I asked for paper pieced honey bee blocks.  Each person in my bee duly made one and sent it my way.  And even though I had grand plans, they sat.  For a year!

The last post that showed them all together was in November.

I finally got them out and put them together.  

 Exactly the right number!!
 Auditioning middles.
 Auditioning letters.
The final top.  I did the lettering with my Silhouette machine and heat transfer vinyl in chocolate brown.  There is much debate as to the meaing of this quote, but as a bee keeper, I think it is apt. 

Looking forward to getting it quilted and finding a place to hang it up.

If you are interested in making your own bees, the pattern is found here.

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Regina said...

The bottom border middle bee is my favorite! He has a nice face!