Thursday, March 22, 2018

Really Random Thursday 3.22.18

 First up, some Gridster Bee blocks.  The baskets are for Elizabeth at Occasional Piece Quilt.  She was the Queen Bee for February.  She sent us the food fabric and we did the rest. 
March blocks were for Marsha   She asked for red, white and blue with eyes toward a patriotic quilt.  The blocks are made up of half square triangles.

 I put some fun patches on two pairs of Mini's leggings. 

 This is a quilt top that I finished up as a leader/ender project.  It will go toward Operation Snuggles once I get it quilted.  The center green blocks came from a lady at church. 

 Saw this delightful tombstone on my walk the other day.  I don't know the family - but I appreciate their passions!  I find the cemetery a lovely and quiet place to walk while my kids are at their violin lessons.
Joy!  I finished the quilting on my 2017 Temperature Quilt.  I have lots of threads to bury and a binding to attach, then I'll be able to share the finished quilt. 

And in completely non-sewing news, I found a stray mama cat in our barn this past Sunday.   Actually the dogs found her, I never would have on my own.  She has found a narrow spot between the outer sheet metal wall and an inner wooden half wall.  The first day I gave her a couple blankets, the next day I added a couple more to try to warm up her nest.  It is not where I would have chosen to have kittens.....  Yes, I've fed and watered her, too.  At this point its really all we can do.  She is a friendly cat.  Purrs and lets us scratch her head a bit.  I know she's eaten, but shes a good mama and always with the kittens when we check on her.  There is a bit of a question of how many kittens.  4 or 5.

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Kristin said...

Oh Mama Kitty!!! How is she going to get her babies out of there when they are older?