Friday, March 23, 2018

A Day Out with Mini at the Southport Quilt Show

 Mini and I had a day out yesterday at the Kenosha Public Museum.  Each year the Southport Quilt Guild has their quilt show there.  Yay for free!
 I didn't really take a lot of pictures.  They hang all the quilts in one large conference room.  Utilizing the walls and ceiling.
 Above was one of Mini's favorites.  The soft colors and simple squares really drew her in..
 Great thread painted dog surrounded by other nice quilts.
 This was a stunning piece!

 There were pieced and applique challenge quilts that could be voted for favorites.  The participants rolled a die for a number to get them started.  There was also a number fabric they had to use.  The above person rolled a "one".
 This one rolled a "three". 
 One of the few shots Mini took that wasn't blurry.  The large quilt in the back must be at least king size!

 The museum has a nice collection of Molas that are displayed in a stair well. 
 They feel so close to quilts.

 Don't let the sun fool you.  It was cold and windy, especially down by Lake Michigan. Not feeling terribly spring like here in WI, yet.
And yes, we went out with Mini as a cat. 
Next post I'll share some of the art work from the local schools in the area. 

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