Sunday, March 25, 2018

Quilt Inspired Art Work

Or, artwork that inspires quilts.

As I mentioned in the last post, Mini and I spent some time at the Kenosha Public Museum the other day.  In addition to quilts and Molas, there was also a display of artwork from the local schools' art classes.  I couldn't help but photograph the quilty ones.

It got me thinking about how our quilt patterns are natural, recurring themes among art, textiles, decor, etc.

 One of the things that stood out to me was the many different mediums that were the basis of arriving at something that looked quilty.  Tesselations, warm/cool contrasts, watercolor

  I am completely convinced this could be EPP.

 Weaving even looks quilty.

I'm sharing just a few other pictures that Mini took.
 She was completely fascinated by the three eyed princess.  I'd say a great future in comic book illustration!
 The lion was absolutely astounding.

 There were also various 3D kinds of artwork.
 Ages were from elementary school through high school.  I think its really neat that these kids all get a chance to say that their art work hung in a real museum.

 I was (obviously) drawn to the enamel bee.

 This was an especially striking digital photograph.  There was a whole section devoted to digital media.  Glad to see that it is being taught in the schools.
 More pics of Mini and the rocks.  It was super nice to have a lazy day out.  No hurry, no where to be.  It is also hard for me to do a lot of nothing, so its good that Mini slows me down, sometimes.

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