Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sewing Kit

Two years ago I made a little binding kit following Lella Boutique's Goody Goody Binding Kit instructions.

You can visit here for the original post.

I loved it.  It was cute, and I used it all the time.

But, it wasn't Perfect.  So I decided to make a new version.  I still referenced the original instructions - especially about making those zipper pouches, but I changed up some things.

First up, the outside is plether - okay, embossed vinyl.  This is because the pins and needles always poked me through the other one.   And no tie, I never tied the ties.  Too lazy.  I did a Velcro closure instead.

I made two zippered pockets, one on each side.  The open pocket was clever, but I didn't really keep a notebook in it.  Ribbon for the thread holders, a wool felt square for the needles.  Black so the needles are easier to see. 

I changed up the scissors pocket.   I added a Velcro ribbon to keep the scissors in place.  The upper ribbon is for larger scissors. 
Over all the whole kit is larger than the original.  It is definitely better than the first.  I have a couple ideas for an even better version - but it will probably take me another couple of years to get around to it.

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