Friday, September 29, 2017

Zippered Tote Bags

A while back (waaaaayyy back) E asked me to make her a tote bag with anchors on it.  We picked out some fabric and it sat in the bottom of my ToDo box for a while.  I think a year, maybe.  So last month I finally got motivated to get them out and done.  

I've never made a zippered tote before and I didn't follow any instructions, so there was a fair amount of finagling to get these right.  I re-did the bottoms a couple of times because the dimensions made them look weird.
I made two because I wanted to use up all the fabric.  E kept the smaller one and bestowed the larger one to me.  No complaints here.  I can always use a bag.
They have a layer of fusible fleece inside for a small amount of stability.  E's actually has a pocket inside.

The smaller measures: 20"x16"
larger: 20"x19"

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Regina said...

Nice! Does E have a thing for sailing? The anchor request makes me ask.