Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Temperature Quilt 2017 Update

 Here we are into the first days of September already.  Time flies, eh?  I've got my Temperature quilt up to date through yesterday. (yep 9/5/17)  In reality I'm quite sure I won't get back to it until after my local guild's quilt show.  I have some responsibilities for the show and a couple of quilts I'd like to finish.

So: All the months so far.

January with one freakish warm day.
 February - with a bunch of record breaking warm days.
 March.  One recording breaking warm day.
 June.  That white stripe is a record breaking cold temperature!
 July.  Warm.  The blue stripe?  Record breaking rainfall.  There was major flooding all around the area.  Our yard was saturated and we got water in the basement - that's impressive since we live on the top of a hill.
 August - no records - but I wanted to make note of the solar eclipse.
 Just a small embroidered circle.  Black in the center, gold on the edge.
September.  Another record cold evening.

 All the months lined up so far.  Colors will start shifting back to greens and blues as we are at the final four months of the year.


Regina said...

I love the eclipse button!

Needled Mom said...

It's such fun to see the colors change with the temperatures. I've had to add a new color this month due to our heat.

Judy H said...

A quilt like this is on my 'to-do' list. Love what you have going on.