Friday, May 26, 2017

Local Quilt Show Review

 Every year, just after Easter the Crazy Quilters of Mukwonago WI have a quilt show.  I try to enter/attend.  Its not too far away from me.  I don't know HOW they do one every year.  Our guild does a show every two and it is An Affair!

So on to some quilts for your viewing pleasure.
A friend of mine received an Honorable Mention for her miniature Cathedral Window.
I got an Honorable Mention on Minnie for Mini. (aren't the ribbons pretty?)

 A first for one of our guild members.
 Loved this quilt! (not mine)
 My Fish quilt was up against that Vogue quilt.  I did get another Honorable Mention, though.
 More beautiful and fun quilts.  This was first in "First quilt in a show"  Clearly not a "first quilt ever"

 This bee quilt was in the groups section.  Each block is a different bee/bees.

 I really like the quilt above.  Maybe I'll do something like this after the 10 year hexie quilt.
 Mini helped by taking lots of pictures.

 The simplicity of this one stuck out to me.
 A selvedge quilt.  Both the colors and whites are selvedges.
 A couple of fun cat quilts.

 A friend hand quilted this and received a second place ribbon!

There was a display of Yellow art quilts.  I adore the one in the middle.

I also entered the Mincecraft Quilt, Purple Passion, and a Table Runner (that I can't find a blog post for).

Enter quilt shows people!  If there are no quilts entered there is no show to see!


QuiltGranma said...

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful quilt show, full of ideas!

Regina said...

Very nice quilts!

Ethan and Moriah said...

Woo-hoo!! What a fun quilt show!

OPQuilt said...

Good point about entering the quilt shows...okay, I will!
I loved the quilt show tour we received today, and congrats on your ribbons! Those are quite the ribbons to receive--lucky you! I'm of like mind with you on so many--the simplicity of that star quilt is a nice respite after all the other heavily pieced quilts. I like both kinds, but I also like how one balanced the other.